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The cathedral of Brescia


The Cathedral of Brescia

The Cathedral of Brescia

“Brescia la forte, Brescia la ferrea, Brescia leonessa d’Italia” wrote the poet Carducci in his “Odi Barbare.”
Brescia is famous worldwide for its industry, commerce and agriculture, but it is a city full of charm and history, architecture and art. It was described as “beautiful and sullen, fierce guardian of his artistic beauties”. You must discover it!

Brescia offers fascinating landscapes and varied corners of great beauty, unique museums and valuable collections, a heritage which documents thousands of years of history, intelligent hard work and artistic sense, public institutions and private welfare, sport, relaxation and leisure.

From the mountains to the lakes, from rolling hills to the plains of rivers and villas, the territory of the Province of Brescia gives tourists a truly extraordinary and varied choice, as far as climate, temperature and landscape.
The territory can give natural, architectural, historical and gourmet emotions. Its food and wine production is related to the agriculture, but also to the presence of many rivers. Herds of sturgeon and caviar production are now known throughout the world.

In June 2011 Brescia was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, thanks to Santa Giulia Museum and its key role in documenting the domination of the Lombards in Italy.

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