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cremona_600Cremona is universally considered the world capital of the luthier’s art, because the violin in its modern form was born here in the late XVI century.
Antonio Stradivari, the supreme, undisputed genius of the luthier’s art, was born and worked in Cremona. During his long life he built over 1200 stringed instruments and strings, some of which came down to us and are now becoming invaluable musical treasures.

The famous violinist Paganini commissioned his favourite violin to Giuseppe Guarneri from Cremona, because of the sound power achieved by the production of the Cremonese school of that period.
With over seventy shops similar to those of the past centuries, the master luthers of Cremona produce more than 1000 instruments a year that are exposed everywhere.
But Cremona offers a lot more. The Duomo, the Torrazzo tower and other buildings show its medieval origins and the glories of the communal period. You can visit all of them with a long walk in the old town.
Thanks to the fertile countryside, Cremona has always stood for high quality of its cattle, which is accompanied by an equally widespread breeding of pigs. That’s why the production of sausages and cheese has always characterized the gastronomy of Cremona.

Cremona is also the home of nougat. According to legend, it was born in Cremona as a wedding cake at the banquet of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza, that took place in the city on 25 October 1441.
Love of good food, music and beautiful things are the characteristics of Cremona, a town in the heart of the Po Valley where people still live in a sustainable way.

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