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The Cathedral of Ferrara


(Emilia Romagna)


Lying at the heart of the Po Valley, Ferrara still appears to the visitor with the charming atmosphere of its past.

It offers a magical walk through the centuries, with its striking architectural masterpieces and historical memories, which attest to the magnificence of noble dynasties of rulers, lords and patrons. You can admire the Romanesque-Gothic facade of the Cathedral, as well as the mighty Este Castle, residence of a court which competed in size and culture with the largest in Europe. The charm of medieval architecture blends the brightness of roads and evidence of the Renaissance, for which Ferrara was called the “first modern city in Europe” during the Renaissance.

Among the magnificent buildings of this period stand Palazzo dei Diamanti, Palazzo Schifanoia, and the building of Casa Romei and Marfisa d’Este’s house. All these buildings are gathered in the spectacular and majestic Renaissance city walls. A special atmosphere is offered by the quiet cloisters of the monasteries, such as that of Corpus Christi where Lucrezia Borgia rests, and by the unspoiled charm of the ancient Jewish ghetto streets that testifies to the significant presence of Jews in the Este age in Ferrara. The synagogue founded in 1485, and now seat of the Jewish Museum is the oldest synagogue in Italy which is still working in its place of origin.

Ferrara was designed over the centuries by the Po river and remains intimately linked to it. Ferrara is a city to visit, famous around the world not only for its bread, nor for the sauce sausage, or the pumpkin ravioli; every corner holds a surprise for your eyes and mind. Looking carefully, you can penetrate into the secret gardens, unseen to the foreigners, and in the cloisters of the Holy Spirit, San Giorgio Fuori le Mura,and many other beautiful churches, where you can feel the peace of the cloisters. But not everything is innocence; Ferrara is a city of strong passions, of subtle erotism and beautiful women.

Routes to Ferrara

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