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Garda Lake

Garda Lake


Garda Lake

Lake Garda is definitely one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, besides being the largest. Surrounded by green hills and mountains, you will find out beaches and bays wrapped in fragrances and colours. The Lake’s mild and temperate climate favours lush vegetation, at times reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast. Lemon, lime, olive, vine, cypress, oleander are abundant, in addition to hill plants and many varieties of flowers and ornamental plants. Lake Garda is a must-see for lovers of tourism, sports, sailing and nightlife. It ‘s always been a place of inspiration for the great travellers and writers who stayed here, such as Goethe, Byron, Carducci, Foscolo, Rilke, Gide, Lawrence, Ibsen and others.

Every village around the Lake is worth visiting, in particular some of them: Gardone Riviera, which features “The Italian Vittoriale”, Sirmione, very ancient peninsula, Desenzano del Garda, “the capital of the lower lake”, the beautiful Salò, ancient capital of “Magnifica Patria”, San Martino della Battaglia, where a famous battle took place during the second war for independence.

Lake Garda is surrounded by three regions and this also affects the local cuisine and food traditions. The most typical product is the extra virgin olive oil, renowned for its lightness and delicacy used in both the typical lake fish and the meat and polenta specialities.

Garda citrus is an important ingredient for the preparation of many traditional products, including limoncino and the cream of the Lemon Riviera, but also for Acqua di Cedro and sweets.
The excellent wine produced in the wine regions of Lake Garda is perfect with all these food specialities.

Routes to Garda Lake

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