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Mantua and Sabbioneta



“Mantua and Sabbioneta offer an exceptional example of urban development, architectural and art of the Renaissance”. The two towns are united by the ideas and ambitions of the ruling family, the Gonzaga. They represent the most prominent examples of the two most emblematic town planning systems of Renaissance, the evolutionary and the founding one. They have been used for many of the following building experiences up to modern times. The artists who contributed to the realization of the two cities produced masterpieces that realized the ideals of the Renaissance, making a decisive contribution to the international spread of a movement that will influence and shape the whole of Europe. These are the reasons why Mantua and Sabbioneta were included among the World Heritage sites in 2008.

Mantua was sung by Italian and foreign poets and writers for its romantic atmosphere and for its ancient and medieval monuments, but also for the muffled atmosphere of the squares and streets invaded by fog in the cold season, the placid waters of the Mincio river at times covered of reeds, or those of the surrounding lakes, the friendliness and openness of its inhabitants.

The general appearance of Mantua is nice and brilliant. The streets are mostly wide, spacious, always clean and tidy; its buildings are generally not too high, simple, elegant and well-maintained and they usually don’t take away nor air or light, which are great elements of beauty and comfort of modern cities.

Mantua is a city to discover, a city you will love, a cosy, calm city that always has something to offer, and where you will always come back with pleasure.

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