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A trip to Italy can not do without one of the main pride of the Belpaese: food. The good Italian cuisine, known everywhere, is a set of flavors, tastes, creativity, history of all the Belpaese lands. The cuisine of A Different Italy benefits of the richness and diversity of local food traditions and ingredients that characterize the majority of its areas: mountains, hills, lakes and plains. It is certainly the result of cultures that have a particular sensitivity to food as an element to get pleasure. The awards by international food guides that put A Different Italy to the top as number of restaurant rewarded are the proof of its quality.

“A Different Italy” is a destination for gourmet or for lovers of good food.
All the Itineraries offered in the catalogue include the opportunity to experience delicious moments, tasting the always different specialties, which the various cities may offer, a cuisine lovingly prepared with traditional ingredients (local products) and served in numerous restaurants.

“From tradition to innovation” is the proposal of ‘A Different Italy gourmet “. It will allow you to live, from the gastronomic point of view, a unique emotional experience, tasting the dishes revisited by some of the greatest Italian chefs.