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Santa Annunziata Church - Parma


(Emilia Romagna)

Palazzo Ducale – Parma

Parma is a city of aristocratic and cultural traditions, rich in famous monuments, precious works of art and memories of his past as a capital, famous thanks to its most illustrious artists who left important works here. Many were also the poets, writers and filmmakers who have been inspired by Parma, first of all Stendhal who dreamed of it in The Charterhouse of Parma.

The musical and theatrical vocation of the city of Parma is unique even in the rich Italian tradition. The city has established itself throughout Europe as the capital of authentic music and acting since 1628, the year of inauguration of the Gran Teatro, then called Teatro Farnese, up to the seasons of Verdi and Toscanini and the extraordinary development of the Teatro Regio.

Parma is also an active commercial and agricultural centre, famous worldwide for its thriving food industry. In fact, the name of Parma is also linked to ancient and renowned culinary traditions, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and Culatello di Zibello, one of Parma’s best products.

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