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Rovigo – Place

Rovigo has medieval origins, and is inserted in the magical atmosphere of the Po Delta. Rovigo’s history, its development and its surroundings have been shaped and influenced by earth and water, but also by the proximity of powerful cities – especially Ferrara and Venice – which dominated for centuries and left deep signs, not only in architecture.

The main square, named after Vittorio Emanuele II, is surrounded by buildings that demonstrate the different influences that the city has experienced with their architectural disharmony.

Among the buildings facing it are definitely worth mentioning: the Loggia dei Nodari, seat of the municipal administration, Palazzo Roverella and Palazzo Roncale. Next to the city hall is the Academy of Concordi, founded in 1580. Adjacent to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is Piazza Garibaldi, where a bronze monument dedicated to the Hero of Two Worlds stands. Overlooking the square, we find the social theatre, which was opened on 1 March 1819 by Emperor Franz I of Austria. The oldest building is the medieval castle, around which grew the city of Rovigo. Also noteworthy is the octagonal Temple of the Blessed Virgin of Succour called “La Rotonda”.

Rovigo has remained a town on a human scale, whose main values are a good quality of life , honesty in speech and in relationships, feelings of simplicity, love for the land and the pleasure of being together. Living in Rovigo is to plunge oneself in a “human” dimension, both lively and quiet, muffled by the fog of the delta, timed by the slow progress of the two rivers that run next to it, characterized by the pleasant atmosphere of small towns, small oases where you can still find the serenity and the joy of everyday life.

Routes to Rovigo

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