La copertina“A DIFFERENT ITALY” comes from a strong partnership between a tour operator working in tourism since the 90’s and a local bank deeply tied to the territory.

“A DIFFERENT ITALY” is proposing destinations with a huge potential thanks also to its geographical features: a small area including lakes, sea, mountains, hills, rivers and plains as well as wonderful art cities. Also, Northern Italy is well structured in terms of infrastructure and facilities (hotels, roads, railway stations); here you can find very important airports such as MILAN, VERONA and VENICE.

“A DIFFERENT ITALY” is dedicated to a customer looking for a professional partner, creative and flexible with a great knowledge of the area, able to tailor unique experiences designed with passion.

“A DIFFERENT ITALY” is waking up from the sleep that kept it away from the routes of main tourism and it is finally starting to show its attractions. Discovering it now can be a unique experience, that will allow you to know the true value of that part of Northern Italy that is not only industry and work, but also traditions, history, art and culture.

“A DIFFERENT ITALY” will become an unescapable destination for different tourists!