For all citizens coming from Schengen area is requested their valid identity card. For all other countries the passport is requested. About visa please refer to local authorities.

    The climate is very varied due to the different conformations of the area. In the lowlands the climate is semi-continental with cold winters and summers hot and humid. Near the lakes the climate is mild, with winters not so cold and hot windy summers. In the mountains the winters are cold with frequent snowfalls and cool summers.

    In Italy EURO is the currency in use. The main credit cards, such as VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted everywhere.

    Electrical current is 220 Volts, plugs are European type 2-pole. We suggest you to bring an adapter.

    The official language is Italian. English is commonly spoken in hotels.

    In Italy no vaccinations are required. For all EU citizens provided with European Health Insurance card, Health care is ensured under the same economic conditions as Italian citizens. It is advisable also to take out a supplementary health insurance.

    The identification telephone code of Italy is +39. International mobile roaming is active everywhere, according to the expected costs from your provider. You can easily buy your own international phone cards anywhere.

    They are allowed almost everywhere. In museums or churches they could not always be allowed or you should be requested to pay an extra fee for their use.

    Almost all the hotels are provided with wi-fi or access point.
  • FOOD

    The food you can taste in this part of Italy brings together cuisines of different provinces with typical dishes coming from the local agricultural production and from the natural resources of the area. Near the lakes and the rivers you will taste freshwater fish dishes, while in agricultural areas the dishes will be based on milk and its derivatives (such as butter and cheese), beef and pork, rice and corn. Then, in this part of Northern Italy you will find a long cooking cuisine, with boiled and stewed meats accompanied by “polenta”. At last, stuffed pasta is also a typical product of the area.

    The Northern Italy hosts great manufacturing productions. In every city the tourists can easily buy “haute couture” clothes, footwear and leather goods in general. White and red wines are available in many wine cellars, cheese and typical cakes can be bought everywhere. At last, in all the cities mentioned in our programmes there are important design and architecture studios: here you can easily find elegant furnishing and household items.

Additional Services

Transportation by bus and minibus

Transportation in private cars

Transportation by train

by private jet

Hostess and interpreters

Convention and meeting locations

Shows and events

Upon request, you can get the quotations of all the above mentioned additional services by contacting our offices incoming@oroeargentoviaggi.it.